Saturday, 18 July 2015

Spaghetti night round 2

Do any of my old-school readers remember this from November 2013?

This was our first spaghetti night with big Easy!
What a mess. 

Well, Hudson is almost 11 months old and we haven't given him his yet....

I had to see how Hudson's experience would compare with Easton's 

So here we are IT'S....

ha ha - same high chair, TOTALLY different kids. 

Easton has always been picky kid, spaghetti and a couple other foods is pretty much all he will eat, even then he won't eat much. 

Hudson adores food. 



He is also fiercely independent. 

So when I gave him the chance to feed himself he was thrilled. 

one thing I did differently this round was the bib... ha ha - lesson's learned right?

These plastic scoop bibs form superstore have been lifesavers, because everything Hud drops he can just pick up out of the bib and try again! (and again and again. hey, he's learning!)

He really enjoyed himself, and ate almost all of it!

But one little thing about mr Hud. 

When he has had enough...

He will DEFINITELY let you know. 

Nobody ever has to guess what this kid wants. 

And so we called it quits on Hudson's first Spaghetti night!

and made a quick pit stop in the sink before having a real bath. 

Having two kids has been busy and crazy but man... I really love doing the things I enjoyed doing with Easy with another baby when he hits the same ages. 
They are so different, 
But definitely my boys. 



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