Saturday, 18 July 2015

Spaghetti night round 2

Do any of my old-school readers remember this from November 2013?

This was our first spaghetti night with big Easy!
What a mess. 

Well, Hudson is almost 11 months old and we haven't given him his yet....

I had to see how Hudson's experience would compare with Easton's 

So here we are IT'S....

ha ha - same high chair, TOTALLY different kids. 

Easton has always been picky kid, spaghetti and a couple other foods is pretty much all he will eat, even then he won't eat much. 

Hudson adores food. 



He is also fiercely independent. 

So when I gave him the chance to feed himself he was thrilled. 

one thing I did differently this round was the bib... ha ha - lesson's learned right?

These plastic scoop bibs form superstore have been lifesavers, because everything Hud drops he can just pick up out of the bib and try again! (and again and again. hey, he's learning!)

He really enjoyed himself, and ate almost all of it!

But one little thing about mr Hud. 

When he has had enough...

He will DEFINITELY let you know. 

Nobody ever has to guess what this kid wants. 

And so we called it quits on Hudson's first Spaghetti night!

and made a quick pit stop in the sink before having a real bath. 

Having two kids has been busy and crazy but man... I really love doing the things I enjoyed doing with Easy with another baby when he hits the same ages. 
They are so different, 
But definitely my boys. 



Monday, 13 July 2015


Now that we have a place to live
I think its finally time to get ready to move. 
We did just move last year (almost exactly a year ago!)
So things aren't too out of control here yet

But there is one problem I'm running into
and I have been for a couple of solid years now. 


In the last two years I have gained 50 pounds, then lost 40 pounds
then gained 70 pounds...and lost 70 pounds.
my poor wardrobe is all over the place. 
If it used to fit, I stretched it over a huge belly and ruined it
or my new hips won't accommodate. and if it fit while I was pregnant...
Lets just say it looks a little silly now. 

I literally have clothing that ranges from XS to XL
and I'm having a super hard time letting them go. 
The maternity clothing I can put away in a  "just in case" container and store,
but after that I still have HUNDREDS of items of clothing that I have collected over the last 3 years that I need to go through. 

Its a little intimidating to say the least. 

here is a small example of my though process:

 What if I gain 10 pounds? I don't want to throw away the clothes that will fit!
What if I lose the last 5-10 I want to lose? I will have to buy new clothes if I get rid of these!
But I love this belly shirt I wore once to a pool party in high school!


I'm that bad. 

I have decided to tackle this as my first project... then maybe go shopping?
I have devoted my body to my kids for the last while, I think its time.

Can anyone share some advice for how YOU keep your closet under control?

xx - r

Saturday, 11 July 2015

#kamloopsmove2015 - Part 1

Well, because I have never moved cross province with a family before, this is all super new to me. 
I am going to share here the process that we go through to get moved to BC and start school. 

first things first. 

We need to find a place to live. 

We had to decide how we were going to get to BC to do this hunting because it takes 8 hours to drive there and only 1 hour to fly... When we decided we would be taking the baby with us, it sealed the deal. We hopped a flight Tuesday morning. Baby's first flight!

Hud was pretty excited. 

So was I

In ultimate mom status I asked the lady who was seeing us up the ramp to take a picture with my phone. 

He did pretty good! totally missed his nap, but you know, it was an exciting time!

Kamloops is different than I thought it would be. 

Its small, don't get me wrong, but its the kind of small thats really spread out and feels... bigger? I may start feeling that "small town vibe" once I have to order online from Ikea or go to the only Walmart or superstore in town. 

We visited the campus where T will be going to law school (holy cow!) and talked to a few students that were just finishing up their last year of law school and prepping to take the bar exam. I think it made T excited/more nervous than he already was!

We even found a student lounge that I can bring the boys to for visits or dinners with dad when he's staying late (and from the sounds of it, that might be a lot)

but one thing is for sure

Kamloops is beautiful. 

While we were there the temp was above 30 degrees C every day we were there, one day topping out at 39! and the devastating fires all over BC made the smoke almost unbearable. especially for this guy, who already has some unresolved problems with congestion and coughing. 

 But guys, he did so good. 

Because Kamloops is an hour behind us, Hud was going to bed by 6pm most nights. that was a little too early for T and I, and we happen to have two of the lightest sleepers on earth, so Hud would start his nights like this. 

 Its the bathtub. 
We would put him in there and throw the fan on. 

judge away, but it was safe (he could not touch the water handle and wouldn't climb out) and worked famously. we all had amazing sleeps the whole time we were there. 

Tell me I'm not the only parent who has done this and that CPS isn't going to be showing up at my door?

We had such a fun time with Hud by himself. As the second child, he gets limited one on one attention, but even though he was feeling super loved and spoiled by the end of this 4 day trip, he was super excited to see his brother when we got home.  

On our final day, we did it, we found a place to live. We are working out some details, but I'm pretty sure it is our new home for the next 3 years, and that we will be moving in the last week of August. 

Guys. Were 6 weeks away from moving. 

I hit a bit of a melting point while we were on the trip. It started sinking in a bit that we are leaving. Like, leaving everyone and the life that We had made here in Alberta for ourselves and starting over. 
We are leaving the kids friends and my friends and my business and I won't be going back to my career and my family and it all got really intense and overwhelming. 

I'm sure that this won't be the last time I have one of these moments... but I'm learning how to manage them, and I have lots of good friends to talk me through it. 

Im a big proponent of the "fresh start" - its so exciting. When I was younger, every fall before I went back to school I would decide who I wanted to be that year; the cool girl, the fun girl, the quiet girl. I would start the year as that person, and eventually just end up exactly who I was. 
As I got older I would travel for a fresh start. I would stay in a south american city for a few days and make friends and eat the food and then, when I was ready to go I would leave and take myself and whoever I wanted to be and move on to the next city. 

I love to evolve and challenge myself.

Ive been a runner, I've advocated for and gone through mental health issues, I've been a blogger and a photographer, and I feel that I excel in these things.

 In the last few years I have taken the approach that I don't need to leave for a fresh start. I can just continuously evolve to be whoever I want to be. I can have a fresh start every day. And I can be great every day. And if I'm not, I can try again tomorrow. 

Thank goodness, because as a mother I want to be a different kind of mother every day. some days I get there and some days I don't. 

So here we go, a fresh start in a new place - 6 weeks out. 

We made it home in one pice and the packing begins...

I think?

Where the heck do I go next with this move?!? There is so much to do!

xx - r

Friday, 3 July 2015


I can't even begin to explain what just happened at my house.

But i'll try. 

Prep yourselves for a poop story. 

Guys, its gross. 


Are you sure you want to hear this?

I didn't include pictures but you'd better bet I took them. I need something for payback at the wedding someday. 


Im standing in my kitchen, talking to T on the phone about calling the realtor, you know, house stuff. I mention that I heard Hud pooping and better go change him. 

my nose lead me to turn my head, even before my gut said

 "just don't do it, run away and never look back"

I turned my head to see Hudson, clapping his hands and smacking the coffee table 

Still on the phone with T, I slowly walk over to assess the situation... I deliver a play by play to T:

"Honey... its everywhere"



By now he knows what I'm talking about and said "maybe I should let you go"

I shout "NO - you can't leave me alone with this right now!" then turn my head in just enough time to see Easy poke his head around my legs to see whats going on.

He was met by a two handed slap in the face by Hudson's poop-hands.


In what appears to be a natural reaction he yells "HEY!" and puts his hands to his face

Frantic I should "NOOO! HUDSON WHYYY??" 

T says, "really, I should let you go"

I lower the phone and turn it off without saying goodbye.

Im sure T is a little worried about the welfare of my mental state right now. 

If you have been in this situation, you probably have the same thought process as I do

What first?

Do I clean the poop off the walls and carpets before it sets?

Do I strip his clothes off and try to save them in the wash?


The toddler!

I grab Easton and run him to the sink, holding his poop covered hands telling him to STOP rubbing his darn face for crying out loud!

Okay. Toddler down. 

Baby next

Up to the bath. I Turn on the lights, 2 of the 4 burnt out. good start.

 Use his clothes to scrape the poop off of his ENTIRE BACK. I kid you not, its like the kid had never pooped in his whole life. 

Notice there are toys in the tub. grrrr. 

I start throwing wet toys out of the bath onto the floor, while the baby tries to squirm out of my now poop covered hands and my toddler kindly starts putting the toys back into the tub and my bathroom slowly starts to flood. 

eventually baby is standing in the bath and I start spraying him off despite his screams. 

My toddler is right behind me so I tell him to stand outside of the bathroom. 

As he is leaving I notice that he is leaving a beautiful poop trail on my light coloured carpet and has been since we came upstairs. 

oh my...


have to finish washing the baby

 one thing at a time. 

baby clean. but MAD. 

Put baby naked in the crib

grab toddler

Put him in the tub and wash his feet. 

scrub carpet

shoot, didn't diaper the baby

*change peed-on sheets*

Dress baby 

Put on a show for toddler and put baby down for a nap

 I swear I still smell poop, I can't decide if its on me or him at this point. 

Close the door for nap time and take a deep sigh. 

realize with horror that I sent my toddler back to the scene of the crime to watch a show. 

To my relief he hasn't gotten into the poop, but has thrown a few toys in there. 

Oh well, add it to the list. 

Clean carpet

put clothes in wash. 


Still smell poop, its definitely on me somewhere. 

Cant find the carpet cleaner.

toddler is asking for lunch. 


is this real life?

xx - r

Adventure Time.

Well, I welcomed 2015 and then promptly lost time to work on my blog. 

So we are starting fresh.

Some background story moving forward:

We are going to law school!!

Well, T is going to law school, I just get to move to another province and survive the next 3 years. 

I figure this blog will shift in that direction. 
A "how to" of sorts as I muddle through moving my boys and my business during one of the busiest times for both things, and try to make my way in a new place with new people in a new province. 

We found out a couple of months ago that T got into a law school in BC - We were thrilled and a little shocked because we weren't sure that this would be the year he got in and we were finally settling into our home and getting ready for his first year out of school since we have been married. 

What's another 3 years, right?

We waited to see if our other option for school came through and that brought us to last week, sitting on our hands, unable to make any decisions on the direction of our lives until we heard. Now that we are sure we will be going to BC, everything is moving at an incredible pace. we have 10 weeks before T starts school a province away.

 T is working like a dog this summer, 12 hours a day most days. So a  lot of stuff is falling on me, which is totally fine.

But yikes. 

House on the market, selling things we don't want to move cross province, working through details of changing your information to move to a new province, house hunting, working through a busy photography season and oh, being a mom is one more little thing I'm doing. 

I now have a 10 month old and a 2 year old. Life is TOO BUSY pretty awesome actually. 
But yes, pretty busy. 
Sometimes I'm going day to day, hour by hour, even second by second so I don't collapse on the floor and start laugh-crying historically. Hey, lets be honest here.. 2 under 2 has been no joke. 

Huds is a busy little boy at 10 months. 
When E was 10 months old, I was announcing my second pregnancy and SO EXCITED to have another little baby. I mean, its not that I don't want any more kids ever. but I feel so good about my 2 boys being my partners in crime for this next phase in our lives. 

I feel, content. 

*cue my toddler dropping a whole glass of water onto the babies head*


So, if your interested; join me during this GIANT little shift in our lives, moving, law school, and starting over with a photography business in a strange new place. 

House hunting starts Tuesday!

Oh, and if you want to check out my FB photography profile, here is a link!

xx- r

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dear 2014 - Welcome 2015.

Dear 2014

I started your year with a gift inside my belly. A second baby! For the second year in a row, I was looking forward to gaining happy baby weight and birthing another baby. 
2014 you gave me my first sons very first birthday. You gave me a rambunctious one year old with two gorgeous dimples and blonde hair. You gave me his first haircut, some new words and lots and lots of cuddles. 
You saw me back to work, 2014. I was not ready to leave my boy to go back, but I knew his daddy would take great care of him for the summer I was there. 
2014, you gave me some problems with my pregnancy, although nothing dangerous to the baby, I was in tears most days for the last 4 months of my 39 week pregnancy. Definitely different than the pregnancy of 2013.
2014 you gave me a second son. A beautiful, big baby boy with blonde hair. An incredible feeling of birthing a baby and having him be perfect in every way. We did that 2014.
2014 I started you weighing 160 pounds and freshly pregnant, but heavier than I wanted to be. By August 28th I weighed 207... By the end of you I weigh roughly 157 pounds. I managed to gain 47 pounds, then lose 50, all in one year. incredible. Thank you body for being amazing. we enjoyed a lot of amazing food.
You were an epic year 2014, but I'm ready to move on... New, great things are coming and I can't wait to welcome them with open arms.

Oh hey, 2015... Welcome!

I can't WAIT to get started. I have high hopes for you.

Now 2015, last year was an amazing year. one for the books! You definitely have your work cut out for you, but don't worry, i'll be with you every step of the way. here are some things I hope to accomplish this year.
I want to lose 25 more pounds. Im sorry I am a number person... but I am. I also want to take care of this body I have. I need to heal from my complicated pregnancy and breastfeed my baby while losing this weight. I will be realistic, I will be patient.
2015, lets learn something new. I know, life is really busy with two kids so young. But lets think about something new... We can do that, right?
2015, lets teach Hudson to crawl, then walk. lets teach our boys new words and new games and new skills. Lets take these boys on adventures. I want this to be a record year for them too.
Lets support my husband in his last semester of school. No, not the last semester ever, but the last one for this chapter at least. I want to be a great supporter... a great wife, I want him to love 2015 with me.
other than that 2015, I'm leaving myself wide open to you. lets have another year for the books together!

xx - r

Friday, 12 December 2014

25 down and my skinny little boys.

I got some pretty amazing support via social outlets on my last post about my skinny baby, Hud. 
It is amazing to feel like your not alone.

I know that the struggles I have with my children are not unique to me, many new parents and new second time parents, and new third time parents and beyond, will struggle with questions about their children and their development.

on Sunday we gave Hudson a name and a blessing. We wrapped him in the blanket my grandmother gave him and his father held him at church and did a wonderful job. It was an amazing day with my family in town and my boys being totally crazy being total angels.
Easton ate candy popcorn till he was sick. Literally. He's now sick.

This week was one of appointments for my boys.

Wednesday morning we met with a dietition, as ordered by the pediatrition, for Easy. It was sort of a waste of time... The problem isn't that we don't know what to feed him... It's that he won't eat it. We will just have to keep working on this skinny boy. Toddlers are picky and I know that… but my instincts are telling me that something else is going on, and I think it is the same reason he is struggling with a speech delay.

Wednesday afternoon I met with the lactation consultant to discuss Hudson's lack of progress. She gave me some new things to work on, including nursing on both sides, and not just one as I have been. 
See, I think the problem is that I have a happy baby. 
I know right?
Normally not a problem, but if his tummy is just full enough, He won't eat enough to gain weight. He will stop and smile and coo and even go to sleep, I just assumed he was done! But when she suggested I burp and then switch sides and at least offer, he ate another few ounces off my other side! Yikes! Now the focus is on stretching his little tummy out so he can take more food and start gaining! 

Thursday afternoon we met with the doctor, as the health nurse sent a referral without my consent, and he called me in to discuss. He voiced that Hudson falling off 
"the curve" so hard was a bit troublesome, only because after we got his tie clipped, he progressed so nicely, but for some reason now, all progress with weight gain has slowed and even gone backwards.
he did a physical exam and we chatted about his day to day routine. 
Long story short we are going to try a prescription for reflux. Essentially its a heartburn or Gerd medication, because maybe he doesn't want to get too full as he can feel his stomach start to hurt as it stretches. it really can't hurt and I am excited to try it. Things are looking up for my breastfeeding battles… again. 

And finally, my Weigh in!

After my busy weekend and family dinner and stressing about all of the appointments this week, I weighed in at my weight watchers meeting expecting not to have lost anything, maybe even a gain.

But WOW!


Down a whopping 4 pounds and sitting at a total of 


I was thrilled. I am thrilled.

I know that by breast feeding I am being a little "cheaty" in this weight loss journey, but make no mistake, this has not been easy. 

Its been getting two kids out the door every day in the cold to the gym
Its been making healthy meals for me and my family
Its been turning down some of my favourite food in place of something healthy that will aid my milk supply
Its been going to my weight watchers meetings because I have realized how important that is. 
Its been amazing support from friends and family. 

Its been wanting to be the best wife and mother I can be.